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About Our Company --
Professionals of the staff of Are You On The Web have been developing web technologies, and facilitating online marketing and transactions since 1993. The company is a privately held Georgia corporation (incorporated February 1999.) We have three U.S. locations:

42 N Ashland Ave, Suite 1, LaGrange, Illinois 60525-2009
2298 Walden Dr. Augusta GA 30904-6510
5107 HighGate Ct. Stone Mountain GA 30087-1136

Phone: 1.708.482.8153
email: corporate@areyouontheweb.com

About Our Server Technology --
Are You On The Web has Different Server Clusters available for internet hosting, based on the clients' needs.

Rapid-Host Servers house most of our sites, which are developed, maintained, and administered by our Are You On The Web?, Inc. staff. Recently upgraded to include an easier end-user control panel, you can now configure users and email boxes, setup password protected directories, and manage anonymous and password protected ftp. These servers are extremely fast, and can quote 99.92% uptime over the 6 months ending 11/1/02. They are colocated in Philadelphia, PA.

The VicsWeb Servers are the home to our sites that have the most demanding bandwidth and availability requirements. VicsWeb hosted sites are fully user configurable through the Control Panel interface: you can add and delete users and email boxes, setup password protected areas of your website, manage anonymous and password protected ftp, and perform a variety of other webmaster tasks. Uptime 5/1/02 - 11/1/02 is 99.92%.
All the hardware for our VicsWeb servers is on-net in Baltimore, MD.

Our Tech42 Servers are the newest addition to our "Server Farm" and are housed in a secure location in the Chicago area. These servers are under the administration AND physical control of Are You On The Web?, Inc. security and administration staff.  These servers are extremely reliable, connected with an 8GB pipe, and since installation, can quote 99.96% uptime (over the 6 month period 5/02-11/02.)

To discuss your hosting needs, or if you'd like further details about our hosting technologies, contact Hosting.

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